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Invisalign® Insurance, Financing, and Discounts

Children and adults with dental issues tend to be self-conscious about their looks. Misaligned teeth spoil their smiles, making people refuse to smile or hide their smiles with their hands. However, there are ways to correct misaligned teeth and improve their look. A visit to a dentist can introduce anyone with misaligned teeth to metal braces or Invisalign®.

When Should Parents Bring their Children to a Dentist?

Hopefully, parents will see the problem early, and help their children by bringing them to a dentist while they’re still young. For best results, a visit to an orthodontic specialist should be scheduled as soon as parents notice any issue to see what steps can best correct the misaligned teeth.

Often, children with dental problems know there is something wrong with their teeth, and many actually want to get the problems fixed. They want to feel more normal, especially around other children their age. Self-image is very important to children, and their smiles are a big part of those self-images.

Yet children are afraid to even talk about braces. They’ve seen other children with braces, and don’t want to suffer through having metal braces for months, or even years. Today, there is another option that does away with the stigma of wearing braces. Parents in Denver have begun to use Invisalign® instead of wire braces helps children feel more comfortable and willing to try the procedure.

Are Invisalign® Aligners Expensive?

Even with the promise of overcoming common metal brace stigmas with Invisalign®, parents still face another problem when taking their kids to the dentist – how to pay for them. Even though Invisalign® in Colorado Springs is less expensive than other parts of the state, it’s still somewhat costly. Dentists understand the financial pressures parents feel, and try to help them find the best financial solutions.

The key is to plan the entire process carefully so expenses don’t get out of hand. Once your dentist has a chance to estimate the costs, parents have options to make the cost of Invisalign® aligners more affordable. Although cost should not stop parents from taking care of their children’s teeth, it is easy to understand why parents hesitate to commit to such a large investment. The important thing to remember is there are ways to handle the costs so family budgets aren’t destroyed.

Does Insurance Cover Invisalign®?

In the past, some insurance companies wouldn’t cover treatments using Invisalign® therapy. Insurance companies are always reluctant to cover any new treatment, no matter how good it looks on paper. They prefer to wait until they see concrete results from new techniques before offering to cover a specific treatment. Invisalign® is now proven successful, and the majority of insurance companies cover either traditional braces or Invisalign® to realign teeth. They recognize how well the treatments work, and no longer object to either option.

There are still things parents need to check into before deciding how to proceed. Different insurance policies provide different coverages, and many policies only cover a portion of the care. Some policies cover a specific percentage of the cost with an annual maximum. That means parents may still have to pay a high percentage of the cost, but any insurance coverage is better than none.

The clinic business office can help determine just how much coverage your policy provides, but it is always a good idea to review the policy and talk with someone from the insurance company whenever you have specific questions about coverage.

How Can Payments be Handled When There is No Insurance?

Paying for care with no insurance is almost always a problem. Parents rarely have several thousand dollars just lying around to pay for Invisalign®. While it is tempting to wait for treatment and try to save up the money, it’s important to deal with tooth alignment as soon as possible. The problem of paying for the realignment is still there, but parents have a couple of great options to pick from.

First, most dental clinics work with companies like Chase or Care Credit to help parents deal with paying the bills that come with Invisalign®. Both of those companies finance the treatment with great terms. They advertise 0% interest for up to twenty-four months. That’s far better than trying to put the balance on a traditional credit card or taking out a personal loan at the bank, although those are also options to consider. Parents have to look at every potential payment method, and pick the one that best meets their budget needs.

The clinic may also work with parents in other ways. In some cases, clinics work with parents without going to any outside lender. The business office may decide to take payments as the treatments progress. Of course, there is almost certainly going to be an initial payment parents will have to make before treatments begin. Usually, the down payment will have to cover at least the initial lab and diagnostic fees.

Are There Any Discounts Available to Help Parents?

Of course, discounts vary between clinics, but there are generally some discounts available to help reduce the total cost of Invisalign®. For example, parents able to pay cash are often able to negotiate a discount because paying cash reduces the costs for the clinic.

The real issue must always be getting the best treatment to make sure a child’s teeth are taken care of. While the costs involved with Invisalign® can be difficult to deal with, the end results are well worth the investment. Appearance is important for all children, and they don’t want to be teased by classmates or friends because their teeth are not perfectly aligned. To discuss all the options to improve your child’s smile, set up an appointment as soon as possible. That perfect smile is closer than you think.

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