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What are the Costs Associated with Invisalign®?

Use the handy calculator below to get an estimate for how much your Invisalign® treatment might cost. To do so, just choose from the options below…

The table below displays average Invisalign® for various cities in Colorado. Your final price may vary depending upon the treatment required. Schedule your free consultation today to get an accurate estimate.
CityAverage Price
Colorado Springs$4,200
Fort Collins$4,450
Greenwood Village$4,400
Highlands Ranch$4,250

Invisible orthodontics, popularly known as orthodontics without braces, is a revolutionary new cosmetic dentistry technique that replaces customary metal braces. In 1999, an American company developed the transparent, fully aesthetic and virtually invisible aligners.

Its compact design and manufacturing allows patients to take them off and put them on in a whim to attend meetings, important events or to just go out for drinks with friends, which is tremendously practical. Invisible orthodontics can correct crowding of teeth, overly spaced teeth, cross-bite, overbites, misalignments, etc.

Now growing popularity in Denver, Invisalign® works from a thorough scan and a complex computerized study of a 3D software that reproduces the patient’s mouth and its evolution program every week to achieve the desired results.

This forecast allows computerized design and manufacture various equipment as the patient will change as treatment progresses. By incorporating small changes each device, the patient gains in comfort and prevents chafing sores and classic metal braces.

To-date, Invisalign® has served more than 1,000,000 patients worldwide including many in Denver as well as Colorado Springs.

How Much do Braces Cost?

If you have to wear some form of dental appliance, the first thing that comes to mind is what kind will you have to wear? How long will the whole process take? And above all, what is the price? If you have questions about the price, it is best that you contact your local dentist and schedule a consult. The first thing you should know about braces is that its price will vary greatly depending on the type of device that you have to wear and the treatment time.

Types of Dental Braces and their Prices

Since most insurances will pay for Invisalign® treatment as well as traditional treatments, the price for children and adult braces (orthodontics) varies on the case and the equipment used. For an average 12-month treatment, installments should be divided into a monthly price. This is recommended for everything that exceeds your insurance. Remember that you have two types to choose from: Traditional braces and Invisalign®.

Today, there are so many ways that dentists will help you pay for your dental work. They understand that these procedures can be costly, but they also understand that dental health is more important. FSAs, also known as Flexible Spending Accounts, helps patients set aside pre-tax dollars to cover the cost of their orthodontic treatment. If your insurance can’t cover the full cost of treatment, this option will surely help out.

Dental clinics will also help you set up payment plans to pay for your procedure. Affordable monthly payment plans can be a great way to get the smile you want at an affordable price. One small thing to remember is putting a down payment if you can. This amount of money, no matter the size, can really help towards your final bill. When it comes to interest, every little bit you can muster up will help.

How Much does Invisalign® Cost?

Invisible Orthodontics can cost more than normal braces in most circumstances. The following outline will break down each part of how Invisalign® is priced:

First visit. This consultation visit, which includes examination, diagnosis, treatment plan, and budget layout, is often free. However, there are cases where your insurance is taken or a discount is given.

Second visit. Measurements, taking pictures, mold impressions, x-rays and performing an evaluation. TMany times, this visit is combined with your first visit.

ClinCheck® study. The completion of the ClinCheck® study, where the dentist evaluates the patient’s gradual evolution of tooth movement displayed in 3D.

Placement. Patient’s visit to watch their personalized 3D movie of tooth movement from start to finish and the dentist delivers the patients first series of aligners.

Follow-up visits (approximately ten to twenty depending on the patient). Follow-up visits during treatment usually last between eighteen and twenty-two months, so the final price varies in proportion to the length of use. The price of the monthly payments can be negotiated according to the needs of the patient, in order to facilitate payment for treatment.

Final visit. On the last visit, the dentist will show the results obtained with Invisalign® through 3D images and pictures.

Containment devices. Containment devices (retainers) are placed once the patient has completed orthodontic treatment. They serve to maintain the position of the teeth.

Why Do Invisalign® Costs Differ So Much?

Making the choice between Invisalign® and traditional braces can be difficult. Both choices offer benefits, but for many people, the decision ultimately comes down to cost. Your dentist can provide you with specific quotes based on the current health of your teeth, but it’s good to have a basic idea of each option and how much it will cost you. Traditional (fixed) braces cost people an average of $5,000. Serious issues can result in higher costs – in fact, up to $3,000 more.

Invisalign® can cost as little as $2,500, but it can cost upwards of $5,500 depending on the length of treatment and how severe your misalignment problems are. Many insurance companies offer policies that provide an orthodontic benefit that covers the procedure.

However, you should contact your insurance company just in case. When it comes to traditional braces, many dental plans cover part or most of the costs associated with treatment.  Less visible braces are available, like those with a ceramic tooth color. These can cost you an additional $500 or more and braces that attach behind the teeth cost $1,500 more.

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